I love you lyric ideasHave you ever wondered how many ways there are to say I love you in lyrics? There must be hundreds. Here are 50 ‘I love you lyric’ ideas. There is more than one way to say I love you and it doesn’t have to be just three words. Use this love song generator to write meaningful love songs. You may even have someone in mind to sing your love song to. Remember too, in your own relationships, actions speak louder than words.

If you want your loved one to perceive you in a certain way, act in accordance with those perceptions. Having tantrums like a two year old will just make you look like a two year old. You won’t be taken seriously. Be calm, natural, perceptive, kind, empathetic and loving; then saying I love you will really mean something. For a love song to work, it has to sound like it is heartfelt when you sing the words. Inject the full depth of your emotion into your words and act like you mean it.

Overwrite a familiar love song

Why not use the music of a familiar love song to form a template for new lyrics. Next, change the melody and you have a new song. For this to work, it needs to sound nothing like the original and contain a few unique phrases that make the song memorable. The hard part is getting the original melody out of your head. I love you lyric ideas can fit well into your new theme and refresh your lyrics. Keep doing this on a regular basis when you listen to a song. Change the words by inventing your own lyrics. It’s fun to do and can make the most of lyric writing by imitating highly successful songs. See Song Theme Ideas for more inspiration.

50 I Love You Lyric Ideas

You can melt my heart at a million paces
You leapt out of my dreams onto the page that's my life
I've called off the search. I've found the one, you
I wear your love like a badge of honour, I'm proud that I found you
My whole body smiles whenever you're close
You're the light in my day and my warmth at night
Your heart beats in time with mine
I've kept my deepest thoughts for you
When the tide turns, my love for you will never leave
You fuel the fire that burns deep in my heart
The emptiness has gone now you're in my life
Loving you keeps the sun in my day
Stick me to your heart and keep me there forever
You make being in love worthwhile
My life story was all about finding you
You are the focus of what's good in my life
My future's crystal clear when I see you smile
Love has a way of finishing what we start
True love is like a healer. It can soften two hearts
You're the cream in my coffee. You make my life so sweet
We're a fusion of what love was always about
You're in my every thought
I'm addicted to loving you back
You are my passion - My focus - My life
I'm missing a heartbeat when you're not there
I opened my heart and your love stepped in
My dreams are real when I'm with you
You are the rock that holds me together
Two hearts are said to be better than one and I agree
You're the final piece in my puzzle
You touch my heart like a warm summer's day
I didn't know what love meant till I met you
Love taught our hearts to read the signs
I was waiting for love when your smile moved in
We're the definition of what love means
When you speak of love I listen. I'm yours
Love is for sharing so you can have all mine
Your love is what keeps my world from dying
Your touch makes my worries evaporate
Your fishing trip is over. You have me hook, line and sinker
When I met you the storm clouds left
You are all I have ever needed
For you my every answer is yes
I'm knee deep in love with you
I fall for you every time you walk in the room
A look, a touch, a kiss and I'm yours
Your love is the drug that keeps me alive
One look from you and I'm at your mercy
Your touch draws pulls me closer
You have my close attention. I see no-one but you