lyric ideas for praise songs

Lyric Ideas for praise songs and worship need to be effective and have integrity. To inspire others it needs to be truthful and motivational (gospel truth Ephesians 4:25). In order to honor God with our praise songs, we need to open our mind and listen carefully to what God says in his word. This page was created because many church members have bought my eBook “Lyric Ideas for Songwriters” over the years. Songs of praise are an integral part of worship. They have carefully thought about the evolution v creation debate and made a decision based on evidence.

Here you will find some lyric ideas for praise songs/gospel songs straight from the Holy writings, the Bible. God told Moses his name in Exodus 3:15. To read the verses in the King James Bible, click on the link on a PC then the open book icon on the right of the screen. We don’t sing praise songs in old English so it makes sense to use a version of The Bible that is structured the same way we speak today, when identifying lyric ideas for praise songs. (When the King James version was written it was in the English language of their day, not centuries earlier.) That said, whichever Bible version we use, if we pay attention to God’s Word (Ecclesiastes 12: 13,14) and act on what we learn, that is what counts. For over 2,000 innovative lyric ideas for songs buy Lyric Ideas for Songwriters. (There are no specific lyric ideas for praise songs in this eBook.)

Praise Songs in Tune with God’s Thoughts

Praise songs should always be about the way God wants us to worship him and not be based on church doctrines. Hence, a need to study the Bible and have our ideals and goals clear before even beginning to write the song. Worship songs are not about personal fame and glory but about glorifying God. The  apostle Paul supported his preaching as a Tent maker but didn’t charge for preaching. We received free, give free. (Matthew 10:8) The lyric ideas for praise songs on this page are free. (Praise for God and Secular work needs to be kept separate.)

Praise Songs to Our Heavenly Father – Psalm 83:18

Truth in song is vital. For example: How did Jesus teach us to pray? In Matthew 6 :9 (The Lord’s Prayer) Jesus gave us the model prayer. He taught us to pray to his Father. Are we following his instructions or are we praying to Jesus? Jesus disciples would have listened to his advice. He always directed people’s thoughts to his Heavenly Father. In  fact Jesus said he came to do God’s will. John 4:34

Remember Gethsemane. Who did Jesus’ disciples say Jesus was? (Matthew 16:16) So as a follower of Christ, like Jesus, our praise songs need to go to the Father. Acknowledging the role the son played in fulfilling his Father’s will, reminds us where our devotion should go. Jesus’ Father gave him a commission to preach, teach people about his father and give mankind a hope for the future. Therefore, Jesus is the mediator between God and man.

Lyric Ideas for Praise Songs Directly from the Bible

A good place to start writing lyrics, is basing songs on the words of a Bible verse or verses. Here are some lyric ideas to get you started. Remember to think deeply about the meaning of the words before attempting to use these lyric ideas for praise songs. Pray first before you start. Ask God to keep you focused on truth, honesty, love and appreciation. Our own ego should not even come into the picture. It’s not about our opinion, it’s about God’s. When we show humility and write lyrics to praise God, not for personal profit, the song will be heartfelt and mean something to your listeners as well as you. Truth matters. For example: Did Jesus die on a cross or tree? What does the Bible say? Read Acts 5:30 in your own Bible. For more information read this article. What is the soul? This is an important one. To please God with your lyrics, God’s view is important.


John 14:1,2     No more troubled hearts

Matthew 7:12     Do the right thing

John 13:34,35     Love is not an option

Matthew 4:4     Living by your words

Matthew 6:14     Forgive and be forgiven

Isaiah 63:9     When we hurt, God hurts too

Matthew 5:3-12     Happy knowing I need you

Isaiah 48:17,18     Peace like a river

Matthew 7:13,14    Not easy being different

Matthew 7:21,22     Want to live God’s way

Jeremiah 10:23     Each step

Matthew 22:37     Whole heart, whole soul, whole mind

Ecclesiastes 8:9     Walking in your steps

Psalms 72:12-14     When you have no way out

2 Timothy 3:16     Inspired by YOU

Colossians 3:5-24     Learning how to live

1 Timothy 4:12,16     In love, in faith

2 Timothy 2:22,25     When your heart is pure

Hebrews 4:13     Accountable

Hebrews 13:5     He’ll never leave you

James 5:13-15     You hear my prayers

1 John 3:17     Pass it on

1 John 5:3     Listen to the love

Revelation 4:11     Because we care

1 Corinthians 13     The way of love

Ecclesiastes 7:12     Something better than money

Ecclesiastes 12:1     Remember

Malachi 3:16     Remember His name

Ecclesiastes 12:13     Meaning of life

Ecclesiastes 11:9     You reap what you sow

Acts 17:28   We are His children

Make a Difference Through Your Lyrics and Your Actions

If you would like to make a difference to someone who can’t read, check out  There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving.   Acts 20:35  It is possible to make a difference through your lyrics and your actions. If you see a need and it is within your power to do something about it, act. The more you focus on the needs of others, the more ideas for lyrics will flow. The following is a perfectly balanced song lyrically and musically. It focuses on God’s support and making a difference.

A brief note on helping others. The eBook Practice Reading & Speaking additionally, contains advice on pronunciation of Bible words and names. It could be useful for teaching Refugees English reading, writing and pronunciation. This eBook is helpful for anyone who would like to improve their reading so that they can read the Bible. It also works for accent reduction. To learn more about God, being able to read is essential.

Lyric Ideas for Praise Songs – A Message of Hope

Songs can give a message of hope. This song was written to give hope to those who have lost loved ones in death. All the songs on are copyrighted but not for profit. This song relates to Revelation 21:3,4. Note there is no death in heaven, so it is referring to a future time, following Armageddon, when God will resurrect the dead to perfect life on earth. Psalm 37:29 says, “The righteous will possess the earth, And they will live forever on it.” and  Matthew 5:5.  Many people have lost loved ones in this pandemic. Scriptures can give a message of hope. John 5:28,29  Jesus resurrected people to life on earth. He demonstrated a pattern of things to come. Throughout the scriptures, God promised everlasting life to all faithful humans. They will become perfect and live on a beautiful paradise earth.

Getting a balance in life means putting God first and doing what you can to help those in need. Matthew 22:37-40. The happiest people in the world are those who appreciate their spiritual needs and are satisfied with having their spiritual and physical NEEDS taken care of. So write songs that praise our Creator and give hope to your listeners.

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