Song lyric versesThe song lyric verses on this page can help you generate your own ideas. See how random thoughts can be used effectively to create songs. Use these verses as you wish. There are no special rules for them. However, be aware that others may have used them before you. These verses are to give you an idea how random thoughts can end up being used to create songs. Sometimes a lyricist’s brain overflows with ideas. These verses appeared when I least expected them.

Keep a scrapbook of your own unique thoughts so you can use them in your lyrics. Use the verses found on this page if they gel with your lyrics. However, don’t just combine random verses. It won’t work as they don’t tell a story with meaning. Create a melody and sing the the song lyric verses to ensure you can use it effectively. It might be an idea to do a Google search for the verse before using it.

Everyone can have a way with words. Inevitably, talk becomes lyrics when song lyric verses rise from your speech and thoughts. It’s about thoughts first then words. Some people have surprising ways to express their thoughts. Song lyrics take many different forms. At times a song is successful because you just can’t stop singing the melody. There may be very few words in the lyric. The magic comes when there is a perfect match between words and music that touches the heart, makes you smile or makes you dance. The rhythm and tone of the song needs to match the feeling portrayed in the words. Check your genre options.

Song Lyric Ideas  –  A New Approach to Song Words

Do you ever write a song then leave the song lyrics unfinished? Yes! I have too. If your discarded song lyrics left you feeling jaded about your own abilities, then it’s time to take a more analytical approach. Ask what it was you didn’t like about your lyrics.  Prepare to discard your frustration and and make subtle changes to the music or words, or writing the lyrics out in full, you may be able to see why it didn’t work. If it’s still not possible, maybe it was a bad lyric in the first place. OK you can bin it. So, song lyric verses can often be recovered from discarded songs to create viable lyrics. Learn how to critique your own work.

Use in Your Songs

All unused song lyric verses and song words on this page are a gift from me. Many of these song lyric verses are just a few lines long. Try the following with these or your own lyrics:

  • Substitute key words
  • Switch parts of the phrase around
  • Look for follow on lines.
  • Is there a better way to re-word a phrase or line?
  • How would you say it in conversation?
  • Find a unique turn of phrase
  • How would you sing it?
  • Do you need to shorten or lengthen the line?
  • How can you fuse the words to music in a more interesting way?
  • Could a singer relate to the words?
  • Can you make it more unique and interesting?
  • Does it have a story to tell?

However you decide to use the song lyric verses, when you write a song, we wish you success. The unused ideas for lyrics below may even prompt you to look again at your own unfinished songs. There are no special terms and conditions for the verses on this page. Additionally, there are no special terms for use of the hundreds of lyric ideas in the eBook. Lyric Ideas for Songwriters.

The unused lyrics and song words on this page are a gift from us. Most are just a few lines long. Substitute key words, switch parts of the phrase around or look for follow on lines. However you decide to use them when you write a song, we wish you success. 

Song Lyric Verses – Thoughts into words

I planted love and watched it grow
Into something so sweet now can’t let go.

When you know you’re loved
Your world is a different place.
There’s nothing you can’t conquer.
There’s nothing you can’t face.

Trapped in these four walls
But my mind still escapes.
My thoughts can take me anywhere
I can and will take a break

I have shared in the suffering of the human race.
I know my place and it’s somewhere I can’t face.

Didn’t know how this could happen.
Didn’t know I would feel this way.
Didn’t know someone could pass on by
And take my only dream away.

Welcome to a new day.
Nothing’s happened yet.
Make it how you want it,
So you won’t regret.

You’ll never know if you don’t ever try.
You’ll never learn how if you don’t step outside
Your comfort zone where nothing ever changes.
Everything is easy, you live your life in phases.

I could have changed.
I guess I always knew the ship was sinking.
Suppose I got too tired of thing
How to solve the endless puzzle that was us.

We could wait forever for bad to become good.
We could wait forever to be heard, listened to, understood

Society has closed the door on every open mind.
It’s captured all the innocence and lost its reason to be kind.

I’ll miss the leaves when they fall to the ground.
I’ll miss the silence when there’s too much sound.

You’ve had a puncture.
You’re ego’s deflated.

Saw a feather on the ground today.
Remembered there’s much more to life than I can see.
When I’m trapped inside the bubble that’s my world
Sometimes I’m unaware that there’s more to life than me.

I know I don’t always finish what I start.
Maybe the reason for the space between our hearts.

You listen from behind your wall of never ending doubt
Never hearing, never seeing what my pain is all about.

This is my mountain I must climb it on my own.
My life’s at a crossroads I must face my fears alone.

It’#s funny you should say that
But nothing ever changes.
Things may sometimes look the same
But life just rearranges.

Empty bottles and broken dreams.
Alcohol proof happiness evades you it seems.

I’m having a bad day.
You probably can tell.
#I’m not feeling myself
So, I’ll crawl back in my shell.

If you want to solve the problems, listen and forgive.
Step outside your comfort zone and learn to really live.

I just want to be myself.
Don’t know how to be someone else.

You blow me away whenever you smile.
I just wish you could stay awhile

Traffic jam in my head.
Thinking of words I should have said.

Let your conscience win.
It’ll get you out of the mess you’re in.

The further you climb the harder you fall.
Doesn’t take long before you’ve nothing left at all.

What happened to the morals
In this more or less world?
Everybody does what pleases them

Sometimes we stop asking questions
Because we’ve not yet found the answers.
Could it be that’s why we lose our way?

It’s getting harder and harder to find a good reason to smile.
You’ve got to believe that there’s happiness out there to find.

Selfless love is the key to unlocking peace.
Until love is shown there’ll be no release.

You are the trigger in my life.
Everything starts because of you.

You’ve got a way of making things happen.
Whenever I start something new.

Though we’re surrounded, we still seem to be alone
In thought and in mind, in heart and in song.

The winter wind brings the sharpest pain
Cutting deep into my bones where the cold remains
But there’s nothing that will ever hurt the same
As knowing I will never see you gain.

Love can never live on credit.
It will run out if you let it.

You are free to use any of these song lyric verses or lines in your songs without copyright infringement from me. However, you need to be aware that others are very likely to have used these verses before you. If you can sing your song but have no way of recording it, try asking for help from a music studio like Dublin Studio Hub