Lyric Ideas for Songs

Our Lyric Ideas eBooks support songwriters. Lyric Ideas for Songwriters has 2,000+ ideas for song titles. Help me Write a Song helps you turn thoughts into lyrics.  Use Lyric Ideas for Songwriters to brainstorm ideas for lyrics and even band names. Keep inspiration close to you. No more need for writers’ block.

Are you beginning to find writing lyrics too much like hard work? Where do your lyric ideas currently come from? If a situation, conversation or thought usually prompts your ideas for lyrics, you can prompt those ideas in a fast flowing way with our lyric ideas eBook. You can then choose from the best ideas rather than starting to write and finding that the idea isn’t generating enough info to complete the lyric. Spark more creative lyrics by choice. 

Whether at home, school, at work, in a cafe, on the beach or in the studio, just open the eBook on your phone, tablet or laptop and start writing. The lyric ideas eBooks are now on auto download. There is no need to wait for inspiration to hit, thought provoking words, phrases and ideas can be on tap, today.

Lyric Ideas for Songwriters – eBook

The Lyric Ideas for Songwriters eBook is filled with words and phrases that will kick start your lyrics. It is the perfect think tank for writing new lyrics or renovating your unused lyrics. This is not a ‘How to’ eBook. It is jam packed with possibilities to prompt your thoughts. If you tend to start writing then run out of steam, keep prompting verse ideas with the eBook. Upgrade your creative process. The index from Lyric Ideas for Songwriters is below. Scan read it, then click on buy now to download your copy.

Index from Lyric Ideas for Songwriters (107 pages)

  • Description Ideas
  • Tone & Tense
  • Lyric ideas (over 50 pages)
  • One word ideas
  • Strong image words
  • Top 250 words in the English language
  • Unfinished lyrics (7 pages)
  • 101 ways to say I love you
  • Life as we know it
  • Problem and solution songs (causes and solutions)
  • Life’s common problems
  • Boost your imagination
  • People, places & objects
  • Word pairs
  • Similes
  • Proverbs
  • Mini thesaurus: people, said, emotions.

Both experienced songwriters and novice writers will be delighted with the content. The index demonstrates a sample of what the eBook contains. If you need to come up with a song for a new album in a hurry, this eBook is for you. Lyric Ideas for Songwriters is a gold mine of possibilities.

This website and the Lyric Ideas for Songwriters eBook have prompted prolific songwriting ideas since 2007. No waffle, just good ideas for songs. Click on Buy now to grab a copy of this eBook. Let your brain loose on words and phrases which create images in your mind. Lyric ideas will jump out at you. Keep pen and paper handy as soon as you download the eBook.  New unique lyrics will follow.



Help Me Write a Song- eBook PDF

If you need help with writing songs this Lyrics eBook is especially for you. Since the Lyric Ideas website went live, I have had hundreds of youths ask for help with writing songs.

I have been asked in the past for help writing a song about bullying, for girlfriends/boyfriends, a row with a friend, for a funeral (death of loved one), etc. Youths have a million and one reasons to write lyrics. I decided to share my experience with writing lyrics in a short eBook. Learn how to turn thoughts and feelings into song. 

The Help me Write a Song eBook can help you link thought and emotion to create expressive lyrics. It also suggests ways to generate music ideas.