Help me write a song



Help me Write a Song is a short eBook for new songwriters. Learn how to turn thoughts into lyrics and to write effective lyrics. This Help me Write a Song eBook will  help you conquer your fears and learn the natural progression of telling your story in lyrics.

  • New to Songwriting?
  • Need ideas for brainstorming melodies?
  • Need help with lyrics?
  • Free songwriting tips on how to write a song?
  • Learn how to turn your ideas into interesting lyrics?

If you are new to songwriting and would like to learn how to write effective lyrics, this eBook is for you. It contains easy to follow instructions on how to turn your ideas for the subject of your lyrics into full lyrics. This eBook has assisted many who have emailed pleading for help with writing lyrics. If you don’t know where to begin when writing lyrics or tend to get frustrated by words this eBook can help lower your stress. A typical question I have been asked  is:

“I want to write a song about……(or for my girlfriend or boyfriend), but my brain just goes a blank when I try to turn the idea into lyrics. Can you help me get started please?”

If this sounds like you, then Help me Write a Song will help. Writing lyrics is easier than you thought. Let us make it easier for you.

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