How to Write Lyrics

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In order to learn how to write lyrics you will need to be able express your feelings in words and choose words carefully. Let the melody reflect the emotion of the words; in order to write a song your listeners can relate to. Listen to and learn from other people’s songs. Ask why did that work? What is unique about this song? Keep asking questions and listen for the answers.

Over the years I’ve answered hundreds of e mails from people asking me how to turn their thoughts into lyrics (mainly youths). Many wanted me to write a song for them for a boyfriend or girlfriend. Hence, I wrote an eBook that demonstrates how to write lyrics. It is called “Help me Write a Song” and sold on this website. It’s mainly for newbies.

With practice, you can learn how to write lyrics well. Firstly, don’t ask someone else to write the lyrics for you. Do it yourself. Practice makes perfect. Song writers tend to come up with good lyrics because they are observant. They care about something deeply and have a need to speak up about what they see and hear.

Song writing is the perfect soapbox. If you can write your thoughts in an email, a blog, a letter or text message, you can write lyrics. Write exactly how you would speak in normal conversation. The words will then appear more natural. If you hear an expression that makes you smile, in a conversation, on TV, listening to interviews with musicians etc., write it down.

Listen to and observe creative people who have a love of words. They often have unique expressions. For song writing ideas, buy the eBook sold on this website. It is called ‘Lyric Ideas for Songwriters‘. Open it when you are writing lyrics. If you are stuck on what to write next, browse through the ideas till you find something suitable that will fit your theme and lyrics.

Song Theme

You will need a theme for your song and a reason to write. Next, it comes down to noticing everything in detail. In order to learn how to write lyrics you will need to be observant. To learn how to write lyrics you will need to become adept at perceiving feelings and emotions. Be caring enough to allow yourself to feel what someone else might be feeling. When you have enough information due to being observant and imagining the depths of emotion that we humans have, you will have something to write about. Tell your song theme story in lyrics. As you learn how to write lyrics, you will naturally want to take the next step. You will want to choose precisely the right words and melody that demonstrate the sentiment of the song. You will want to write lyrics that you and others will enjoy singing.

End Rhymes

When looking for rhyming words, link each letter of the alphabet in turn with the end sound, until you come across a word that works perfectly. It may need to be a near rhyme instead of an exact rhyme. Rhymer and Rhyme Zone may help. Or it may be necessary to change the full expression so that a suitable word becomes available for the end rhyme. Usually a rhyming pattern arises naturally as you write. So go with the flow. Use an online rhyming dictionary if you need to. It can get you out of a jam when your brain stops working. That said, anything goes if your melody works perfectly with the lyrics. Take a look at the Bee Gees song ‘Words‘, several end rhymes are the same words. It was highly successful and people still sing it today.

How to Write Lyrics with Unique Expressions

Get used to being honest and frank not only with friends and family but also yourself. However, learn to be sensitive to the feelings of others. This is a good way to practice your craft. Search your mind for the right words to say when you have to approach a subject sensitively. Give people the benefit of the doubt. Ask, why did they say that or act that way? Could they just be having a bad day.? Aim at not hurting anyone’s feelings. Try to be someone you would want as a friend. I know it sounds cliché, but you will become a better lyricist if you learn to do this.

Song writers who are able to write lyrics quickly, have seen or heard something that made them want to write lyrics. However, they still revise their work until they’re happy with how it sounds. Next, they search their mind for more unique expressions to convey the same thoughts. Only when they’re totally happy that they can’t improve on it any more do they call it complete.

When you learn how to write lyrics, be aware that even the best songwriters at times have to put in a great deal of effort to achieve their goals. However, the smile on your face when you have managed to find a unique turn of phrase is worth it.

Once you have something down in writing, search for even better ways to say the same thing. You might need to switch parts of the sentences around or choose a different word. Practice is the key. The more you write, the better your lyrics will become. Learn chords on guitar or piano. You don’t need to be an expert. I promise you it will get easier.

Get used to the idea that you want to enter the music business, it is a business. Just as you would want to be paid for your song, when you ask for assistance payment will most likely be requested.

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