Why Write Lyrics

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Why write lyrics

What prompted you to begin writing lyrics? If you are beginning your journey as a lyricist, see common reasons why people write lyrics. It’s good every now and again to understand why you became a songwriter in the first place, to get you back on track again.

If you have begun to view writing lyrics as boring you may need to make the link between your lyrics and other people’s stories. Everyone has a story to tell. Stay observant. Show empathy and the need to turn thoughts into lyrics could turn into a successful song.

Take a look at why some start to write. It could well be that the reason that you started writing lyrics is no longer the reason why you continued to write.

30 Reasons to Write Lyrics

  1. To share a secret
  2. Get things clear
  3. Tell the truth
  4. Get it out in the open
  5. Put something to rest
  6. Remember
  7. Let others know
  8. Makes you feel good
  9. Love of words
  10. Feel validated
  11. Feel approved
  12. Enjoy being creative
  13. Lost music and songs
  14. Good hobby
  15. Fame and fortune
  16. Share your feelings
  17. Explain your feelings
  18. Weather a storm
  19. Understand
  20. Dig deeper in thought
  21. Be listened to
  22. Sort your thoughts
  23. Remember ideas
  24. To cope with life’s ups and downs
  25. To comfort someone
  26. Feel misunderstood
  27. Tell a Story
  28. Vent your anger
  29. Demonstrate love
  30. Because you can

After reading this list of why people become lyricists, you may find that for you it is more than one or all of the above that caused you to put pen to paper. Some people find that when they write lyrics it helps them get through life and they have an outlet for their feelings. Lyricists usually tend to be people who are in touch with their feelings. Why not find online true life stories to prompt your lyrics. The following lyric was written in the 1960s. It is the kind of lyric that motivates young people to take action. How about an updated version of: Pollution

See the 100 greatest songwriters of all time. Maybe in the past they felt misunderstood or found it difficult to express their feelings. Remember these reasons to write can prompt ideas for lyrics too. Still need ideas? Buy the Lyric Ideas for Songwriters eBook sold on this website for lots of ideas for your lyrics.